Welcome to Sunset Singers. We are small group of singers dedicated to helping loved ones cross their thresholds as calmly and peacefully as possible. We all feel a special calling to sing for the terminally ill and dying.


SUNSET SINGERS song sample:

Amazing Grace

How Could Anyone?

I Am Whole




To provide comfort and peace through singing for those at the end of life and their families.


"Hospice singing is for the family, as much and sometimes more, than the patient and can provide a much needed 'crying space' for everyone to begin to accept the final journey of a loved one." ~ Cynthia, Chaplain at Hospice House, 2016

For bedside singing, please contact Granite VNA at (603) 224-4093 or toll-free at (800) 924-8620 OR Concord Community Music School at 603-228-1196 (during regular business hours)


for urgent sings, call or text Kathy Burpee at: 603-229-7035 / Jane Wright at: 603-848-6911.


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