We are small group of women dedicated to helping loved ones cross their thresholds as calmly and peacefully as possible. We are all certified hospice volunteers and follow and respect all confidentiality rules and regulations.

~ We sing in groups of 2 or 3 at bedside for the seriously ill,  and for dying patients as well as their loved ones

~ We sing for up to an hour though most visits are 20-30 minutes

~ We can sing as long as needed for vigil singing

~ Or we can just sing a song or 2

~ Please know that the patient or family is free to cancel or postpone right up to the time of visit - things change, we understand

~ We visit in homes, long term care facilities, or Hospice House

We are able to gather fairly quickly with a few hours notice

Our singing comes from the heart and is free of charge

We currently sing in the greater Concord, NH area

Our range of songs is wide. We sing "social songs" for those new to hospice to provide uplifting energy and diversion. For those who are actively dying and need the comfort and calm, we sing soothing lullabys, hymns, chants and sacred sounds from many cultural traditions.

Please contact the Concord Community Music School for bedside singing at: 603-228-1196 (during regular business hours) OR for urgent sings, call or text Kathy Burpee at: 603-229-7035 / Jane Wright at: 603-833-7170.


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